Connecting the Industry, Empowering the Community

BATIC, the Bali Annual Telkom International Conference, is a flagship event brought to you by Telin. This distinguished annual gathering stands as a profound testament to Telin's commitment to the telco community, offering a fertile ground for fostering collaboration, facilitating knowledge exchange, and catalysing industry-wide development. By providing an inclusive and interactive forum, BATIC empowers attendees to explore the latest industry trends, share insights, and forge meaningful connections, ultimately shaping the future of the telecommunications landscape.

BATIC offers a unique and unparalleled opportunity for telco enthusiasts worldwide to come together, fostering connections, knowledge acquisition, and active contribution to the industry's growth and information exchange. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant Indonesian culture, BATIC, held in the mesmerizing destination of Bali, Indonesia, provides an authentic experience that enriches the event.

We extend a warm welcome to global and domestic partners, including major wholesale carriers, data centers, digital companies, enterprises, analysts, vendors, and regulators, to join us in this momentous gathering.

In 2024, BATIC in partnership with the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF), to deliver a broader digital ecosystem and ensures alignment amongst international connectivity leaders for industry transformation. We present a group of Executives and Seniors from various industries as Speakers in a 2-day Conference that include the ITW GLF board members representing a global network of leaders from the world’s largest International Carriers, who convene to discuss strategic issues and to agree on collaborative activities, with the aim of upholding the principle of interoperability and ubiquitous international and technological coverage.