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BATIC, the Bali Annual Telkom International Conference, is a flagship event brought to you by Telin. This distinguished annual gathering stands as a profound testament to Telin's commitment to the telco community, offering a fertile ground for fostering collaboration, facilitating knowledge exchange, and catalysing industry-wide development. By providing an inclusive and interactive forum, BATIC empowers attendees to explore the latest industry trends, share insights, and forge meaningful connections, ultimately shaping the future of the telecommunications landscape.

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Dive into our captivating highlight reel, capturing the essence of innovation, collaboration, and groundbreaking technology in action at BATIC 2024. Experience the vitality of industry leaders, cutting-edge advancements, and dynamic networking opportunities. Brace yourself for inspiring stories that reflect the resounding success and forward-looking spirit that define BATIC. Step into a world where connectivity evolves, and immerse yourself in the heart of innovation.

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