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Want to explore more about the real Bali? Here are some of our favourite hidden gems to add to your list of must-see spots while you’re here. Take a few extra days after BATIC event and walk Bali like a local.

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Ubud Art Market

  Ubud, Bali - Indonesia

Bali Island has many traditional art markets as one of the most popular tourist places to visit with special values. One of the well-known traditional art markets in Bali by domestic visitors is the art market of Sukawati and the art market of Bali Ubud.

Ubud's tourist attraction is one of Bali's tourist attractions with a traditional art market. Ubud Bali's traditional art market is known as the Ubud art market.Because of the uniqueness of the traditional market in Ubud, one of the Hollywood films, starring Julia Roberts titled Eat Pray Love, takes place on the set at the Ubud traditional market.

The art market in Ubud is very big, with multi-story buildings. Therefore, try to get around first before you decide to shop and explore Ubud's traditional market area. Once you agree to buy, you want to visit the traditional art market area of Ubud, so you can see a great selection of products and the value of the sold items.

Within Ubud's traditional art market, the western and eastern zones, there are two main areas. Selling more products in the style of artisanship for the western market. They sell more basic daily necessities like sugar, rice and other basic necessities for the eastern market.

Address: Jl. Raya Ubud No.35, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali