Hidden Gems

Want to explore more about the real Bali? Here are some of our favourite hidden gems to add to your list of must-see spots while you’re here. Take a few extra days after BATIC event and walk Bali like a local.

Discover another side in Bali

Green Cliffs of Undisan

  Bangli, Bali - Indonesia

Green Cliffs of Undisan is often called the green canyon of Bali. It is an ancient canyon carved by a river flowing there for millions of years. The most interesting part is the colour of the cliffs in the canyon; it is green as it is covered with moss. As the name implies, this cliff has a beautiful green color that comes from moss attached to the entire cliff. Even so, the color of the moss actually provides uniqueness that attracts many visitors.

Not only the cliff, but Green Cliffs also has a river that divides the cliffs and rocks around the river flow which adds to the allure.Getting here will be an adventure itself, with views of rice paddies, forests and ravines – and waterfalls nearby. The Green Cliffs of Undisan are basically towering moss-covered cliffs making up the sides of a ravine.

Around this place there is also a waterfall. This waterfall is named Waterfall Tangkup or Slau waterfall. Uniquely, this waterfall is slightly covered by a cliff beside it. The water is clear and refreshing therefore the locals use it to irrigate the fields. If you arrive at the wrong time, there is no water in the water at the Slau Waterfall.

What is the bigger secret of the already undiscovered wonder of the Green Cliffs?
If you follow the water under where the green cliffs merge,  you will discover a secret grotto hidden inside!

Address: Undisan Kelod, Tembuku, Bangli, Bali.